You are invited.

HundrED Innovation Summit 2020

Join the HundrED Innovation Summit 2020 to meet the most inspiring and impactful education innovations! 

When the students of today are the teachers of tomorrow, what will they say about 2020? Will this be the year that changed education forever?

Finnish based, global education not-for-profit HundrED discovers, researches, and shares inspiring innovations in K-12 education. HundrED’s goal is to help improve education and foster a movement through encouraging valuable impactful and scalable innovations to spread, mindful of context, across the world.

This year they will host their annual 2020 HundrED Innovation Summit completely online – for free. This high-profile event will bring together thousands of educators, researchers, policy leaders, education ministries, students, parents, and anyone else interested in improving education. 

Join HundrED on November 4 – 6 2020 and their inspiring community at this virtual event to share your experiences and learn from like-minded changemakers from over 100 countries. 

Register here

For more information, please visit: or follow HundrED on social media: Twitter and Facebook: @hundredorg or on Instagram: @hundred_org.    

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